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Frequently Asked Questions

About Nordic Stove and Fireplace Center

Do you have a showroom with products on display?
What are the showroom hours? Where are you located?
Why should I buy from Nordic?
Do you come out to my house? How do I make an appointment?
My fireplace/stove doesn't work. Can you come fix it?
Do you sell pellet products?
Do you sell unvented/vent-free products?
Do you install in New York?
Do you sell wood?
Do you have gift certificates?
What is your return policy?

Questions about Wood Burning Fireplaces

Why does my fireplace smoke?
I am tired of burning wood. Can I use gas instead?
What is the difference a between masonry built and factory built fireplace?
Where is the best place to put my wood fireplace in my new home?
How do I make my fireplace more efficient?


Questions about Gas Burning Fireplaces

What is a direct vent fireplace?
Why does a direct vent fireplace need the fixed piece of glass?


Questions about Wood Burning Stoves and Wood Burning Inserts

Can I put a stove/insert into my fireplace?
How do I know if it will fit into my fireplace?
Do I have to change anything around my fireplace if I put a stove/insert into it?
How is a wood stove installed? What do I need to do?


Questions about Gas Logs, Gas Stoves and Gas Inserts

What is the difference between a gas log set and a gas insert?
Do I need a chimney for my gas stove?