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Fireplace Gas Logs

Gas logs are the perfect way to have the beauty and ambiance of a fire in your existing masonry or pre-fabricated fireplace with just a turn of a knob, flip of a switch or the push of a button. Gas logs will supply the realism of a wood fire without the labor or maintenance.

Nordic Stove & Fireplace Center has been selling R.H. Peterson Real Fyre gas logs for over thirty years…..longer than anyone in the area.  We have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to vented gas logs for a fireplace*.

Points to consider before investing in a gas log set:

  1. Does the fireplace work as an open wood burning fireplace? If smoke is coming into the room with wood, it will not work with gas logs. The chimney must pull the “exhaust” up and out.   There is no smoke with gas logs but there is carbon, a byproduct of the gas combustion.  A poor drafting chimney will allow the carbon to spill out the fireplace and onto the face surrounding the opening.
  2. Vented gas logs will provide the “looks” and convenience, but will not heat a room.You will feel heat as you sit or stand around them but do not expect them to heat a room.
  3. A licensed plumber must install the gas line and hook up the logs. Get an estimate from a plumber first before you invest in a log set.  You want to make sure their installation price fits the budget.
  4. Measure the floor of the fireplace to determine the right size log set. Measure the width across the front of the opening; the width across the back wall; and the depth.  With these three numbers we can determine the right size for you.

* We do not and never have sold un-vented or vent-free gas products.