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Fireplace Glass Doors

If you have an open fireplace, the addition of glass doors or a glass enclosure is an important consideration. The main function of a glass door is to reduce heat loss from your home.

With any wood burning fireplace or gas log set, the damper inside must be fully open when burning.  As the fire dies out, you cannot close the damper or you’ll get a room full of smoke.  Leaving the damper open through the night allows room air/ furnace heated air to travel out the chimney.

With glass doors, when the fire is dying out, you would close the doors to prevent the heat loss.  A glass enclosure will not give you any extra heat, but will help prevent heat loss.  Closed glass doors also guard against sparks and burning embers, as does the fine mesh safety screens when the doors are open. There are as many styles of glass doors as there are consumer desires and custom doors can be made to fit any size or shape of fireplace.

There are many frame color choices for doors.  You choose the color frame.  Can be two-toned if you like.  Choose the color glass.  Choose the handle style.  Choose the screen design / style.  A homeowner can design the door that works with the room décor!

Because there is no “standard size fireplace” in the world, and with so many color options, doors generally cannot be stocked.  All are special order.  Lead times will vary depending on time of year, but can range from 5 -8 weeks.  Stop on by with the measuring form filled out and perhaps a picture or two of the fireplace and we can provide you with a quote.  If it fits the budget and all is a go, we will go to your home and double check the dimensions before ordering.



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