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Gas Fireplaces

One of many fireplaces for sale in Westport, CTToday the most efficient way to add a fireplace to a home is by utilizing gas as the fuel, and the technology called “direct vent.”  With today’s direct vent technology you do not need a full chimney system going up to the top of the building; instead, it can be vented out a side wall and stop.

The chimney vent pipe is a co-axial (pipe within a pipe) system, where the outer walled pipe brings in fresh air to feed the fire and the exhaust goes out the inner wall of the same pipe.  Everything comes in from the outside and everything goes back out to the outside.  You do not use or lose any room air to feed the fire and there is no exhaust coming into the home because all direct vent gas units have a fixed piece of glass in front of the fire in order for them to function and provide additional radiant heat. With this fixed piece of glass and the two-way vent pipe, no room air is used for combustion which greatly increases the efficiency...up to 88%!  Direct vent units are tested to a furnace standard for heating and are often used in zone heat applications. They can even be hooked up to a thermostat which would turn the fireplace on and off when the room requires heat!

Gas fireplaces are available for natural gas as well as propane / LP gas.  There are many different options that can be had when designing your particular look.  Brushed steel, metallic black, brass are some of the color options along with brick panels, bay windows, blowers, screen doors and remote controls. Besides great looks, the beauty of these heaters is also the fact that with a battery back-up, they do not require electricity to work.  Power or no power you still can have a fire and feel the warmth!

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