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Gas Heat

Homeowners with access to natural gas or liquid propane (LP) have a unique heating option that allows for easy installation virtually anywhere in the home. Gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts, gas stoves and gas logs lend the convincing look of burning wood to any room.

Today's gas hearth appliances have been designed to mimic a cordwood fire, without the hassles and mess. They are available as decorative products as well as supplemental heating appliances. While decorative appliances, such as gas log sets, usually offer wood flame aesthetics only, direct-vent appliances offer a generous amount of heat into the home. In fact, most are more efficient than central gas furnaces with efficiency ratings of over 80%!  The staff at Nordic Stove and Fireplace Center can help you size the product to heat the space that you desire.

With today’s direct-vent technology, a full chimney system going to the top of your roofline is not required. Installations on exterior walls simply have the pipe going through the side wall with a cap on the outside. They can also go straight up through the roof and terminate with a cap only a few feet high. Direct-vent gas products are often used in situations where a full chimney system, needed for a wood burning product, is not possible or aesthetically pleasing.

Another benefit of heating with a gas appliance is the fact that clearances to walls and floor protection requirements are significantly less than their wood counterparts. This means that a gas appliance will not take up as much space in your room.

Some gas appliances do not need electricity to run.  A push-button system with a standing pilot light and millivolt valve allows the stove or fireplace to produce heat even during a power outage. The only electricity requirement for a unit is if it has an optional blower installed.

Remote controls or wall switches, for instant warmth and firelight, are available on all gas products that we carry, as well as optional wall thermostats that would turn the unit on and off when the room called for heat.

Nordic Stove & Fireplace Center carries a large array of gas stoves and fireplaces to complement any decor. Crafted of ornate cast-iron or fine finished steel these units offer generous fire viewing areas, gleaming gold, brass, steel, or basic black embellishments, and many additional options including bay fronts, enamel finishes and interior brick panels.   Whether traditional or modern / contemporary a look can be achieved and added warmth can be accomplished with a gas unit.